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Welcome to the Grove family history site

Thank you for logging on and I hope you will enjoy your visit.

This story has been presented on the family history website because I feel it is worth telling in detail, and in the hope that knowing how our forebears showed their grit and spirit of adventure when facing the ups and downs of an unknown future may prove an inspiration to current generations.

The aim of this site is to record the history of the extended Grove family, to bring the descendants closer together and also to tell the story of the triumphs, struggles and adventures of the Grove forebears, so they can be remembered with interest and pride, especially by those who may not be so familiar with the family history.

In the 1860's, three Grove brothers John, George Dodd and Christopher and their friend William Brookman (who became a brother-in-law) ventured to America, via Canada, In the following years there was much transatlantic travel but John Grove and his wife Lucy were the first to return to England followed by William and his wife Emma (nee Grove). Finally in 1892, George Dodd Grove, with his wife and family, returned to England leaving his widowed younger brother Christopher Charles Grove the only brother to remain in America.

Once back in England George Dodd Grove's family returned to farming, this time at Fawley Bottom, near Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. Of his children, Mary Agnes (May) remained a spinster; Grace Mary married Thomas Batty in 1901 and lived with their large family on the outskirts of London; Isobel married Joe Grant in 1912, their four children were born at Fawley Bottom and in 1921 the family emigrated to Australia; the only son, George Grove, married but had no children.
...and that is how the family comes to be spread across three continents.

Every 10 years the American Groves hold a family reunion. It is held close to the place where Christopher Grove and his family settled after travelling by wagon train from Nebraska to Oklahoma in 1893. A short time after the launch of this site, one of its aims is being fulfilled. In October 2003 and for the first time, descendants of George Dodd Grove are journeying from England and Australia to join their American cousins, the descendants of Christopher Charles, at their family reunion in Oklahoma.

I hope that this website will continue to bring Grove descendants in touch with their relatives around the world.

Ann Gomar

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